Rubber Club
[to promote rubber krishi and rubber income among small investors]
M/s. INDGLOB AGRO JV helps small and very small investors, to own highly profitable rubber estate in Konkan area of Maharashtra / Karnataka @ India.  Just invest the land price only. Balance 100% project cost by loan . We will manage all agriculture activities for you!!

  •  per acre land price just Rs.1.9 lakh only
  • krishi expense 100% loan
  • nothing risk of krishi to you

now simply

start your rubber krishi &
own rubber estate
@India- Konkan area;
by joining INDGLOB AGRO JV
"and live a life of RICH; lifelong"
@ India
 Why rubber krishi? Rubber krishi is being the most recognized, most reliable and most safe natural income source globally, especially in South East Asia and India.  As you know, Kerala people are very familiar to rubber cultivation and rubber income traditionally; but nowadays people from other parts of India also coming forward eagerly to agriculture rubber cultivation; that shows rubber’s potential as reliable long term income source.!!


Present business scenario and importance of rubber krishi:- Almost all private jobs are underpaying and also insecure; small businesses are challenging to sustain; and some moderate paying good jobs, like IT jobs, financial jobs, marketing jobs are highly stressful to employees; Overseas job opportunities also decreasing.  Here is the importance of own rubber krishi and its financial security.  Can you imagine the financial secureness and big confidence through the possession of at least 2 to 5 acre rubber estate, own? ....Imagine the happiness and financial security of having Rs. 10 lacs to 25 lacs agriculture income per year!...from 2 to 5 acres rubber krishi!!  Really feel financially secured and so proud in life.. than anything else!!  So, think right now to take a life changing wise decision by joining with INDGLOB AGRO JV.

INDGLOB AGRO JV's  dream agriculture project; 1500 acre group rubber zone project @ India - konkan area; called "Vijayothamaa"; arranges fertile land for small investors /you; as small as 2 acre/ 3 acre / 5 acre / 10 acres or 25 acres, as per your financial capacity.  INDGLOB AGRO JV undertakes and manages A - Z of rubber planting and plantation management for you.  So, keeping you away from all worries of looking after rubber krishi. 

 Yes, you just invest the land price only!! the land registration / title deed is in your / investors' name; We find and manage all other project expenses/ costs; for planting and 6/7 years maintenance; through loan and edavila!! project cost 100% as loan.  So what? Your direct investment is just Rs. 1.9 lac only (Rs.1,90,000/- ); that is just land price; to possess ONE ACRE RUBBER ESTATE !! if 10 acres@ just Rs.17.00 lacs only.  Don't miss this opportunity; will not get another chance. Suitable to busy persons and ladies also; because no nitty - gritty of rubber planting you / investors!!) 

So what? Join INDGLOB AGRO JV's Prestige "Rubber Club" now; possess at least Two or Three Acre Rubber Estate  @ India - Konkan area now; this may a very safe and very wise deposit to your future and financial freedom.  If 5 acre / 10 acres / 15 acres.. That should supply immense happiness and financial security life long. Yaa..10 acres rubber estate, own; mean

you planned to live a life
of MILLIONAIRE- life long.

See the cost per acre chart of rubber krishi, so rubber estate by 6 yrs, in India @ Konkan area - Ratnagiri / Sindhdurg Dist. of Maharashtra.

 Total cost
 in lakhs; (land + planting
+6/7 yrs maintenance)
in lakhs.
           (This is almost land price only!!)
Fund By 
in lakhs
Fund by Edavila
in Laks
net Income per Year in lakhs* (6/7 years onward) 
 Initial booking 
OR token payment, 
is 10% of investor contribution plus
01      3.90   1.90  1.70  0.30     4.50 Rs.5000 
03    11.40   5.55 4.95 0.90    13.50 Rs.15,000 
05    19.00   9.00 8.50  1.50   22.50 Rs.25,000 
10   37.00 17.00 17.00 3.00   45.00 Rs.50,000 
15   54.75 24.75  25.5  4.50   67.50  Rs.75,000
25   87.50 37.5 42.5  7.50  112.50 Rs.1,00,000

*Per year net income is at present rate only. So, by 6/7 years onward per acre net income will be Rs. 5.5 to 7 lacs per year

INDGLOB AGRO JV, the only one popular and small scale rubber krishi promotion agency in India; to help small and very small investors to invest in promising rubber cultivation and possess own rubber estate in India; 1 acre / 2/ 5 / 10 acres, as per their own capacity.  Remind, if one just invests in land and make an legal agreement with us; INDGLOB AGRO JV will arrange 100% loan for and manage all nitty-gritty of agriculture plantation. Yes, we will make sure everything done professionally; so keeping you away from all worries of looking after the nitty-gritty's of rubber plantation and day-to-day agriculture activities.   We use the expertise of experienced farmers, UK trained plantation managers, pathologists and agriculture MBA holders to fulfill the business and income goal of each investor, on time.

Can you arrange just Rs. 1.9 lac!!  Yes, now you can start in 1 acre high profiting rubber krishi in India, mean by just 6 yrs onward annually Rs. 4.5 to 5 lakhs net income, for a long time; Now join with INDGLOB AGRO JV!! 

What INDGLOB AGRO JV does for you?

INDGLOB AGRO JV finding / purchasing (leasing in the case of overseas land) perfect land for you (acquire 1500 acres land wholly and divide among small investors, 2 acre / 3 / 5/ 10 /15/ 25 acres), arrange loan for you /small investors, do all infrastructural / developmental / security works, planting rubber for you, and look after your plantation up to yielding start and then after long term plantation management for you!!  All are by entering a legal agreement with you. 
We will make sure everything done professionally, so keeping you away from all worries of looking after the nitty-gritty's of rubber plantation and day-to-day agriculture activities. We use the expertise of experienced farmers, UK trained plantation managers and pathologists to fulfill the business and income goal of each investor, on time. 

M/s. INDGLOB AGRO JV is only one popular and trustworthy agency in India; for (small investors') group agriculture rubber project setting up and management contract field. And to help 100s of small and very small investors from India; investment range as little as of Rs. 1.9 lakh onward; to engage and invest in highly profitable and 100% safe rubber krishi; profiting annually 250% to 300% minimum!! You can join with INDGLOB AGRO JV for a financially secured future. Contact us right now. Tel. 0495 2536557 / Mob- 08590 771666 / 09020 372777  or email us your requirement / query to e-mail:-



Now Start Rubber Krishi
& Own Your Rubber Estate 
@ India (Konkan area) 

10 acre rubber cultivation 
@ just Rs. 37 lakhs only*, all including! 

(10 acre @ 37 lakh is all including; 10 acre land purchase; its cost Rs.17 to 19 lakh + land development + minimum infra + security / fencing + 10 acre planting + 6/7 years maintenance + agency commission/ management fee = Rs. 37 lakh!!) where 

17 lakh only by investor/you**
17 lakh by loan (we will arrange)
03 lakh by edavila (we will do)

You can own 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 or 25 acres as per your financial capacity, in India- Konkan area (Maharashtra/ Goa). Think right now to take a life changing wise decision. 

See the cost per acre chart of rubber krishi in India @ Konkan area - Ratnagiri / Sindhdurg Dist. of Maharashtra.

See the cost (cost division) per acre chart of rubber krishi in India @ Konkan area - Ratnagiri / Sindhdurg dist. of Maharashtra.  
 Total cost
 in lakhs; (land + planting
+6/7 yrs maintenance)
in lakhs.
           (This is almost land price only!!)
Fund By 
in lakhs
by Edavila
in Lakks
net Income per Yearin lakhs* (6/7 years onward) 
 Initial booking 
OR token payment, 
is 10% of investor contribution
01      3.90   1.90    1.70  0.30     4.50 Rs.5000 
03   11.40   5.55   4.95 0.90  13.50 Rs.15,000 
0   19.00   9.00   8.50  1.50   22.50 Rs.25,000 
10   37.00 17.00 17.00 3.00   45.00 Rs.50,000 
15   54.75 24.75  25.5  4.50   67.50 Rs.75,000
25   87.50 37.5 42.5  7.50  112.50 Rs.1,00,000
    • Please read these/below important terms and conditions well; then make a fast decision right now. 
    • Initial /booking payment;- 10% of investor contribution + per acre Rs.5000 (i.e. if you book ONE ACRE only, initial payment just Rs.19000/- (which is 10% of 1.9 lac) + Rs. 5000 =  Rs.24000/- only 
    • You can pay this initial booking amount as DD / cheque / bank transfer to INDGLOB AGRO JV, payable CALICUT.  You will receive a receipt (in Rs.100 rupee stamp paper also) with mentioning all important terms.  Remind, this initial payments- you can pay/issue as two chequs / DDs one for per acre Rs.5000/- and  two for 10% of land cost*.  In this per acre Rs.5000 cheque clear immediately and the other cheque for 10% of land cost will clear later only, after completion of booking process.  
    • Balance amount of investor contribution / land price (i.e. if ONE ACRE Rs. 1,71,000/- which is 90% of Rs.1.9 lac)  you pay at land title deed / ownership registration time only.
    • If you do not want loan support (mean, you are going to pay total of land cost + krishi expense direct, i.e. if you ready to pay/invest Rs. 3.9 lac per acre); initial booking / order payment is just 5% of project cost (i.e. if BOOK ONE ACRE, just Rs.19500/- only which is 5% of Rs.3.9 lac).  
    • Yes, as you know, per acre Rs.5000/- is loan expense; and it is additional to project / land cost (i.e. if somebody do not need loan support, no need this per acre Rs.5000 payment also)   
    • Hurry up;-  this least land price and 100% krishi loan support limited to first 1000 acres' bookings only.  After that land price will be Rs. 2.1 lac to 2.5 per acre and full loan will not applicable.  So after 1000 acres' sale / booking; initial investment by you (or investor contribution) per acre will be above Rs. 3.50 lac; instead of present Rs.1.9 lac**.  So make booking right now.
    • **Base of above project pricing - per acre total Rs. 3.9 lac/ price calculation is 1 US Dollar = 61 INR (If rupee value decline against dollar, price/project cost will increase; if rupee value perform against dollar, price/project cost will decrease.   
    • Remind, in loan applicable cases, your direct investment (investor contribution) is just land price/land value only; this is current / running land price only;  land price may change/increase any time.  This (above) land price is applicable to limited acres and for limited time only. 
    • How arrange full loan?  Here INDGLOB AGRO JV arrange / we offer full krishi loan for 1000 acres; We arrange this loan mainly against our (INDGLOB AGRO JV's) own property  pledging / guarantee, along with your just purchased land collateral.  Mean it shows our confidence in this rubber cultivation project.
    • Responsibility / assurance of INDGLOB AGRO JV;- You purchase land (1 / 3 /5/10 acre..considering your financial capacity) in our specified/selected zone that is all. Then after all loan arrangement, land development, planting, plantation management etc., done by INDGLOB AGRO JV for you, on behalf of you.  For this purpose You and INDGLOB AGRO JV make a long term legal agreement.  Yes, nothing risk of krishi / cultivation to you; 100% nitty-gritty undertake by INDGLOB AGRO JV.  
      Land location / current nature; INDGLOB AGRO JV identified and blocked land is in Konkan area @ Ratnagiri /Sindhudurg of  Maharashtra/Goa region - we have blocked lands in Ratnagiri district and Sindhdurgh district of Maharashtra** and 
    • Land suitability- to rubber cultivation assured by soil tests, climate test, rubber board consultation and other tests and experience.  Present status; empty but fertile land. 
    • Land ownership / title deed:- 1500 acres wholly consider as a rubber cultivation zone under INDGLOB AGRO JV, for management convenience; i.e. where land ownership, 3/5/10 /25 acres whatever that , to individual investor / in investor's name only; mean this 1500 acres will be property of 100+ small owners, who invested / purchased land there.  Mean it is not a joint property and not a joint/partnership business; but for management convenience small  investors purchase land in same area/location, by help of INDGLOB AGRO JV, that is all. 
    •  Steps;- 
    1. if you interested to join in this project and wanted to purchase/book land right bow, please make a confirmed booking right; strictly as per instructed here. Please fill up online form / call us and make initial payment (see above chart / read terms here)
    2. By booking process completion (expect 3 to 4 months max.), we will take/invite all proposed investors to visit land as small group; on your own expense.
    3. If convinced you pay balance amount of land price as per order/booking. Then
    4. land registration process. 
    5. Enter an agreement with INFGLOB AGRO JV (Yes, you and this agency)
    6. INDGLOB AGRO JV arranges loan and  then land development and rubber planting for you 
    • We do (you/investor and INDGLOB AGRO JV) enter to an agreement; to arrange loan for you; to cultivate for you; to manage your plantation etc., after land registration 
    • Offer / guarantee;- Here INDGLOB AGRO JV do not offer / guarantee a fixed monthly or annually income or not offer highlighted income to you / to any investor; because that is illegal and against ethics.  As you know rubber krishi or any cultivation mean it 100% natural business and rubber is an intl. commercial crop.  Yes, here income from sincere effort only; no any other magic here.  But here we offer a fair and honest service to you / your like small investors; to purchase land and to arrange loan, cultivate rubber (or other crop) on behalf of you and to get a steady income, with GOD fearing.
    • Annual income potential per acre; at present rate per acre rubber net income is around Rs. 4 lakh annually.  Yes, here if we plant rubber now, so yielding / income start after 6 years only; That time onward we expect a net income of Rs. 6 lakh minimum per acre annually!! from 10 acres Rs. 50 to 60 lac income per year.     
    • Income attraction;- suppose 5 acres rubber, which is possible to manage even below average income level people; investment is just Rs.9 lac only  + 6 years waiting = per year income  above Rs.25 lac (mean monthly Rs. 2 lac plus); where else it possible.  OR  suppose a mere 1 acre rubber which is affordable to all ; investment just Rs. 1.9 lac + 6 years waiting = per year income Rs. 5 lac plus (monthly Rs. 40 to 50 K)  
    • Can I sale my property/land / rubber estate after yielding started?your land is your own property and in your name; so you can transfer / sale any time; no need concession from anybody. Yielding rubber, at present rate, per acre rate is Rs. 15 lac. So by 6 yrs onward expect Rs. 25 lac and above per acre. Yes, your just Rs. 1.9 lac investment  grow to Rs. 20 to 25 lac  by 6 /7 years. 
    • Can I visit proposed land myself in advance?  INDGLOB AGRO JV as a responsible and trustworthy/transparent agency in this field; we will take all proposed investors (who made booking)  to visit and check land and will provide sketch/map and legal report, no problem; but  that should be as group  or as small group only, after booking process completed; then after if convinced only you pay the land price and make land registration to your name.  If not convinced by you, we will refund your token payment also! Anyhow individually not allow / not encourage now and then;  first reason inconvenience to manage individual visit now and then; but the main issue is competition; many looking agri land in these area and so land price /rate going up; now if look 5 to 10 acre small plots, price is Rs. 2.5 lac+ per acre; mean day by day land price increasing. If people visit the same land one by one, now and then , there may be a tendency of bargaining and higher price demand from land owner / owners.  Moreover there is a chance to bypass the deal by any one from these visitors... and loss of privacy..   
    • Moreover M/s. INDGLOB AGRO JV not a real estate agency to deal land alone; this is purely agriculture rubber cultivation agency. so what? we submit a rubber cultivation and property management package to small investors; not land alone; so we will assure quality, suitability and affordability of land, at any cost.  
    • INDGLOB AGRO JV's experience in this field; INDGLOB AGRO JV is a team of experts in this field; from land selection, planting and plantation management controls by a team of 15 to 20 years field experienced farmers, experienced rubber plantation managers, rubber board retired hands, pathologist and agriculture MBA holders.
    • Does one have to be a farmer to join here; farmer / farmer family member / some agri land in own name in native place good. Otherwise purchase land in the name of a farmer friend or relative may good. 
      OR if you have friends/relatives group, like 5 to 10 members together ready to purchase 5 / 10 acres each, we will assist to form a firm/society / self help group  for agri purpose, so no need to be a farmer.
    • Management / agency fee; agency fee up to yielding start (6/7 yrs) included in above package cost; see above chart / per acre cost division.  And then after plantation management contract fee is applicable; which is 5 -10%** of net income per year. 
    • Loan interest; 7-10%, depending bank / agency and rate of that time. Loan repayment start after yielding started onward only. loan Load to owner / investor. Loan repayment by 3-5 years after yielding started.
    • Attraction;- We arrange maximum fund through edavila (inter-crop) and other grants/subsidies if applicable; balance only arrange through loan. 
      Land deed / land ownership; land title deed in your / investor's name and registration fee + stamp cost extra, meet by investor/you and additional to land cost; that is almost 10% of land's market price. Here this expense may approx. Rs. 10,000  per acre
    • How can book now? read this webpage / all terms well and if need clarification call to 08590 771666; click here and fill up the form; pay initial token payment as DD / cheque in the name of INDGLOB AGRO JV, payable at CALICUT or bank transfer            Call to 08590 771666
  • How can book now? read this webpage well and if need clarification call to 08590 771666; click here and fill up the form; pay initial token payment as DD / cheque in the name of INDGLOB AGRO JV, payable at CALICUT or bank transfer   
 here answered many common questions

own rubber estate
@ India - konkan area

Yes, you just invest the price of land* + M/s. INDGLOB AGRO JV arranges adequate agri loan and manage all agriculture/cultivation activities for you = You be a proud rubber estate owner with assured annual income  + a pre- fixed nominal management fee to INDGLOB AGRO JV
.  100% fair and honest deal.

and live a life of RICH- lifelong.

Yes, now even very small investors can start regular and safe income assuring rubber Krishi; own rubber estate; by investing just Rs. 1.7 lakh onward!! Yes, per acre just 1.9 lakh;  5 acres @ Rs. 9.00 lakh only; 10 acres @ just Rs. 17 lakhs only in India-konkan area. Can you imagine per year income from 10 acre rubber plantation, just after 6 years onward. Rs. 50 lakh+ per year !!!  Your investment just Rs. 17 lacs only


Booking started; contact us , Click here and fill up the form and pay initial booking amount, as cheque / DD in the name of INDGLOB AGRO JV, DD payable at Calicut or as cash.  If you can't reach at Calicut (Kerala) office, please courier cheque / DD, along with your full details. Remind, Balance amount at the time of land/title deed registration only. 

Why Rubber krishi by joining with INDGLOB AGRO JV?  here even very small investors able to buy 2 acre / 3/ 5/10 acres as per their financial position in our specially arranged rubber krishi zone; direct investment portion is just land cost only- i.e. per acre Rs. 1.9 lac only; after that planting and plantation management fully with loan support, 100% loan support;  250 to 300% profit from 6/7 years onward; Lifelong safe income and very safe and tension free investment, because investment is in land; Land registration /title deed and ownership to investor / you;  All nitty-gritty of agriculture rubber plantation will be done by INDGLOB AGRO JV, up to yielding start and then after; so, nothing krishi tension/risk to investors; so starting rubber krishi and owning rubber estate possible even to busy professionals and ladies.  
"Vijayothamaa"  1500 acre group rubber krishi project @ India- konkan area under INDGLOB AGRO JV where even very small investors (who can arrange just Rs. 1.9 lac onward; price of one acre) can purchase land, 1 acre / 3/ 5/ 10 1 acres, start agriculture rubber and possess rubber estate; but all nitty-gritty planting activities including land purchase, land development, security, planting, plantation management etc., managing by INDGLOB AGRO JV, nothing tension to small investors. So save 20-25% of cost of land than individually purchasing small units and also can save 30-40% of operation cost than individually managing small units. Yes, this whole 1500 acre consider as a rubber plantation zone, for management convenience only; but title deed /ownership to small investors. Yes, this is neither joint property nor a partnership / joint business. See above chart for project cost details. 

Here joining with INDGLOB AGRO JV even very small investors can purchase / start rubber krishi  2 acre or 2 /5 or 10 or 15 or 25 acres as per financial capacity. 

just invest Rs.17 lakh only + wait 6 years = per year 50 lakh income; for a long term!!. Otherwise if you sale rubber estate after yielding started; price will be above Rs. 2.5 CR minimum! Here 
Your hard earned Rs. 17 lac grows 
to Rs. 2 .5 CR by 6/7 years; in safe way;
Imagine profit!!
Elsewhere it possible other that rubber. investment in rubber is safe and secure like or more of deposit in bank. Compare the profit.    

Click here for online application form


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Kodakkad Building
Calicut- 673001,
Kerala, India.


Website -

Tel- land :- 0495 4054354
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Mob-       08590 771666
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(land mark- search Google map 0495 4054354  or INDGLOB AGRO JV LLP.
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Important declaration:
 M/s. INDGLOB AGRO JV is not at all an investment firm. We do not collect or demand investment / deposit /advance at any stage from anybody.  We do not authorized anybody to collect investment / deposit/advance for this firm.  Nature of business/service offered:- We do help individual small investors/small business seekers and small investors’ group to start own business enterprise and or hi-tech agriculture (and allied business), on affordable budget, in India or abroad (south east Asia / Africa), in where cheap but fertile land, non expensive resource / labors available, in fair and honest way.  This is property development and property management service provider, especially for small investors' benefit. We do encourage and promote likeminded small investors’ group investment*, especially out of state / overseas investment, to get good saving in initial investment, to ease start up and management phase, to avail easy loan and to assure investors’ safety and security.  *Remind, here group investment is not partnership business  Contact us for more details
Ernakulam, cochin, thrissur, Calicut (kozhikode), Kannur, Kottayam, Kollam , Thalassery, Malappuram, Tamil Nadu, Perinthalamanna, Thiruvanandapuram, Trivandrum, Mysore, Bangalore, Karnataka, Chennai, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Shimla, Pune, Andhra Pradesh,Thane, Gandhinagar, Thane, Kolkata, Culcutta, Goa, Maharashtra, Gurgaon, Ahmadabad, Delhi,  Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Thiruvananthapuram,Jaipur, Noida, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Dehradun, Lucknow, Faridabad, Guwahati, rathnagiri, ratnagiri, Howrah,Raipur,Ranchi, Ghazidabad, Patna, Vadodara, Rajkot, Nagpur, Nashik, Madurai, Ludhiana, Coimbatore, Amritsar, Indore, Aurangabad, Solapur, Surat, Jodhpur, Gwalior, Meerut, Varanasi, Kanpur, Agra we looking agents and investors from these Indian cities and states. We also looking agents and investors Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jiddah, Damam, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Kuwait city, Kuwait, Bahrain, Doha, Qatar, Oman etc., is webpage of INDGLOB AGRO JV; helps small and very small investors from India/ Kerala, to setting up agriculture rubber cultivation in konkan area of Maharashtra / Karnataka / Goa @India, with 70 loan support. We guide and assist small investors how start rubber krishi plantation in Konkan area of India. Start rubber cultivation now konkan area and start rubber cultivation in Maharashtra India where rubber krishi at konkan area is attractive project now and  we explain how start rubber plantation in India and how rubber krishi land avail Karnataka Maharashtra Goa.  How start rubber cultivation in konaka Maharashtra and setting up rubber krishi konkan India where fertile land available and cheap labors also available. INDGLOB AGRO JV also arrange rubber cultivation loan for konkan Maharashtra India and assist to get rubber plantation loan subsidy / grant india konkan. INDGLOB AGRO JV is providing rubber cultivation consulting India konkan area and rubber krishi consultancy throughout India / Kerala. We arrange cheap and fertile rubber land to sale konkan area for small investors / farmers, rathnagiri ratnagiri samanthavady  konkan rubber cultivation.

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